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Earth and Fire and Water 

I’ve been on the long learning curve of pottery since starting in this job as a workshop technician in the school art and design & technology departments, just over 5 years ago.   I’ve found it fascinating and very satisfying to do,  though I get too little time to practice and play properly and develop my skills to the level I would like.  Still,  I try out ideas and absorb knowledge whenever I can.

Last week I retrieved some of the latest experiments from the kiln, which by the way I pay for, and this time I thought I’d share a few images of them:

It’s been a productive and restful Sunday, cleaning and necessary admin done this morning, family phone calls done, a short walk to the nearby park, cafe and wifi spot. Now, the cafe’s closing soon and I’m going home to do more paint studies while there is still daylight.

Tomorrow I’ll see how some other works have fared in the fire.