Older Work – Journeys in Turkey and Oregon

This is a series of small Ink and Watercolour paintings, including words from two journeys that had a great impact upon me.  Each image is approximately 4″ high by 6″wide.  I completed and exhibited these in about 1998, first in Shrewsbury and then in a couple of other places.

Some have sold, the remaining ones are, as actors say, “resting”. I’m not sure whether I will revisit and re-work this series; I had ideas about painting fewer, larger, versions of selected pictures but right now I have other things to deal with.

This is a work in progress – For now I’ve just put up the images but I shall add the text that surrounds them soon.  First the original reworked sketches and then paintings from the journey in Turkey in 1988, then the paintings from the Oregon journey in 1993:

Turkey 1988 – Ancient and Wild; a journey to climb Mount Ararat


Oregon 1993 – a Wilderness Journey from the Californian to Washington State border:


2 thoughts on “Older Work – Journeys in Turkey and Oregon

  1. Andy Sykes

    Hi Chris, wanted to let you know my family and I will be spending six to seven months in the UK starting just after Christmas! I have a sabbatical at Lancaster University. Both Shelley and my youngest LIbby (17 now!) will be coming with me. Hopefully we can meet up somewhere, even go see some scenic part of the UK together. I have fond memories of the Lake District while at Bangor. Stayed at a hut on a group trip. I think the bus stopped at Lancaster and we sat on the lawn for awhile even. Can I get your address so I can send more when I get around to Christmas cards. Hope to be buying you a beer soon. Later, Andy

    1. surfsensei Post author

      Hi Andy, great to hear from you again! Thank you. I’ve just got up to go to work so will read through your message fully later and make a better reply. Yes it would be great to meet up. I work in a school so have some constraints on free time but that’s solvable! My email is now: surfsensei60@yahoo.com and my phone +44 (0)7759 492332 & I live in Wolverhampton.
      Very best wishes to you and the family. More later. Chris


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