Oil Paintings

I’ve begun recently to start painting in oils, a medium I’ve resisted for a long time due mainly to the simple practical issues of a lack of dedicated studio space and the solvent fumes associated with traditional oil paints. Living in various rented flats was not conducive to painting in this wonderful but messy and time-consuming medium. After several interesting discussions with artists and gallery owners, I have decided to have a go, initially, for the above practical reasons, using the water-mixable oils now available thanks to modern chemistry. So far, and with a limited palette, I am enjoying their workability and the time it allows me to develop a painting more easily than with acrylics, even allowing for drying retarders.

The galleries below are arranged in themes as follows; Landscapes, Sketchbook studies of people, Other (includes still life etc).

They will all be for sale unless indicated, for the time being any prices will be for the unframed painting and shipping will be additional. I will only put up prices once I am happy that the paintings have sufficiently “dried” and are ready for immediate despatch. I may also produce greetings cards from photos of my paintings and other studies, which will be previewed on a new page in due course.


People – material from sketchbooks