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Portrait Study


I’m leaving paint aside for a little while to enjoy simply drawing in charcoal or pencil. This is the result of last evening’s study at the “Art Mechanics” group that I have the privilege of attending at this time of year. The photo has a bit of false colour, it is charcoal on green paper with a light application of red coloured pencil.
I enjoy drawing in charcoal, it has a pleasing physicality about it, deep committing black marks and the possibility of great subtle delicacy when you refine it with your fingers.

Spring update

IMG00239-20120522-0712 IMG00230-20120522-0707 2 portrait studies 2012, acrylic on A3 paper.

The exhibition with Art North Wales in the Electric Mountain Gallery in Llanberis is now down and the paintings packed away for now. I shall be showing the paintings on this site (see Acrylic Paintings) for the time being.
The Summer promises to be busy with other commitments so painting will be sporadic. For the time being I plan to return to painting smaller watercolour landscapes from Wales and recent walking and cycling trips to Scotland. I’m about to update the Watercolour page soon so recent paintings should be there for viewing in the next couple of days.
Apart from this, I want to focus for a while on the portrait and life studies I’ve been building up in sessions at the Wolverhampton Society of Artists and at meetings of the informal “Art Mechanics” group near Telford. These are available on the Portrait & Life Studies page.
In my work at the school, I have started to assist a class with a transcript exercise (‘copy’) of a painting by Frida Kahlo; this was interesting to try out for myself, using the same paints and basic brushes as the students will be using. It’s piqued my interest in the artist herself, her challenging life and work.
I’ve also been exploring some basics in pottery and designing and making more armatures and wire forms for school projects with neighbouring primary schools: a full-size dragon, a clown that was transformed into an ancient Greek warrior (last minute request) and, most recently, a life-size Freddy Mercury for the school show “We Will Rock You”… we’ll see how it looks after the students have covered it in its ‘modroc’ skin!

New Site, New Start

Cloud-Land – acrylic on canvas – 16 x 16in – 2009

This is the new incarnation of my previous website at .  This blog will have updated information on work in progress, exhibitions and so on.

The Pages will contain images and notes on my paintings in Acrylic and Watercolour and on work in other media. Images of the recent Acrylics are now up on that page, including a link to Oriel Tonnau in Pwllheli, North Wales, where they are being exhibited at present. I’m adding to the others as time allows.

Thank you for your patience as I rebuild and evolve the site; if you want to contact me to discuss works, buying a painting, etc, please do this by leaving a comment.  I intend to keep a regular check on this blog.  I may put up an email link soon, which will make this easier.