Acrylic paintings

My main focus for larger paintings has been landscapes in North Wales, where I lived for nearly 17 years and which continues to inspire me each time I visit. Some are available as fine-art prints on canvas or paper. The endless subtleties of the light, dramatic contrasts of bright and dark clouds, slivers of intense white light in deeply shadowed sea or mountain sides, a sense of heat underlying the cold surface; these all form part of my impressions and response to this ancient and geologically (and culturally) complex land. I remain inspired by the mountains and seas of Wales and Scotland, where I have been spending more time in the last four years.

In parallel with the landscape paintings I have been developing a series of paintings of people, both from life (see Portrait & Life Studies ) and using ideas arising from material in my sketchbooks.  The first paintings in this series, of which the last image above is an example (exhibited in Cardiff in Welsh Artist of the Year exhibition) were mostly damaged in storage over a stormy winter and I have been allowing this series to “ferment” in the intervening few years, while I decide how to  take the underlying ideas forward; I shall post more on this when I have some more paintings ready to make public, it is very much a work in progress.  The “Bookshop cafe” and “West Park” paintings are a part of this project.

2 thoughts on “Acrylic paintings

  1. Moro,Yoshihiko

    Hello and thanks for your new paintings from Japan! I’m Moro and I have shared your link in my time- line in Facebook,when I have enough time I’ll wach and appreciate them.

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