New work – the full picture(s)

Oil painting - landscape, bright golden harvest fields, rolled bales, top edge shows distant water and white refinery buildings , impressionistic style.
Golden Fields of Arcadia.
Oil on canvas board approx 30x40cm

The last few days of last week gave me the opportunity to be productive on the art front, two new paintings in oils completed. A few minor adjustments in the last couple of days and I’m happy to sign them off now.

Pumpkin Soup – still life.
Oil on canvas. 19x25cm

I’ll add these to the Oil Paintings gallery page over the weekend. These photos seem to give a pretty good colour match, though in the end a lot depends on your own screen.

I may have a little more to say on the “Golden Fields of Arcadia”, why I chose that name and so on, but not this evening… it’s too late and the internet is going slow here…

Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “New work – the full picture(s)

  1. Ruth

    ‘Et in Arcadia ego’ first time I remember seeing it was in a favourite book, Brideshead Revisited. I think there’s a painting with the name, and he message is ‘ even in the midst of plenty, death is always close by’. So was your choice of the word in this context, Chris?

    1. surfsensei Post author

      Hi Ruth, thanks for your comment and question. I had been looking at these splendid harvest fields for a while, over the last few years I’ve been in this area, also at the ambiguous beauty of the Grangemouth refineries. On a cycle ride nearby I stumbled across an art installation that I’ll link above in the updated text, titled “Inscriptions in Arcadia”… I wasn’t aware of the context you refer to until now but it fits exactly with the associations and thoughts I have about this, as I’ll mention above. Thank you!


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