Little Journeys

My little journey began in the studio at Trigonos, with a mug of coffee. The members of the group, from Art North Wales and Helfa Gelf, dispersed slowly and deliberately on individual explorations around the site, which offers many lovely perspectives on the area around Nantlle.

I took my time, with sketchbook and paints in hand, to focus my attention on my whole experience of the stages of my walk, making notes in words as well as sketches.


My route took me out to the car park, to greet and watch the chickens as they scratched and squabbled and chuckled to each other, apparently indifferent to the rain and wind and glowing softly in autumn coloured plumage.

I noted small clusters of bright flowers, hanging on into the autumn and making strong contrasts with the predominant rich greens, greys, browns.  Stacks of slate slabs in the walls reminded me of piles of books, the layers of history in this land, tied together with twisting bands of saturated green ivy.  The slanting slabs of the slate fence around the edge of the slate waste heaps are bound together with red-orange rusting wires like straighter versions of ivy stems, contrasting strongly with the blue and purple-grey stone. A few sheep grazed nervously nearby, their wool looking damp and with a slight mossy green tint.  Returning to the site, I noticed a creamy-coloured puddle ringed with variously-shaded slate pebbles and gravel.  Back inside the welcome warmth of the studio, I set up a small, simple still life arrangement from the objects available.  Fresh coffee, … and now to work on pulling this varied material together.  The result:


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