Classic Modern

Today I’ve been accompanying a visit by art students from the school to London and the Tate Modern. The long coach journey has limited our time there but they have still had an all-too-rare opportunity to see some influential and thought-provoking works. I will be interested to see, from the sidelines, what fresh ideas they bring into their work after this.
They are good, motivated and pleasant students and my role as ‘responsible (male) adult’ has been easy so far. Free of the burdens of teaching, I had the luxury of being able to make notes and sketches of my own and to use some reflection time to gain some ideas and even a few insights.
I like the Tate Modern, from its wonderful cathedral-like turbine hall to its range of exhibits and the wide range of :ordinary’ people visiting.
I found myself drawn to Mark Rothko’s deeply meditative ‘seagram murals. Ideas arose for me about colour and the responses that arise from immersing oneself in the experience of it. When I sit in front of these colossal canvases, I feel a deep calm that I encounter also in good meditation sessions. I also have a distinct feeling of a low, continuous, note, just on the edge of hearing. I ask myself why I have still not made my own attempt to work woth really bold colours, which I do use as base layers for my landscapes.
One of Joan Miró’s paintings also evoked something of this feeling for me, the deep blue field drawing me to stand as close as I was allowed and simply looking, feeling no need to imterpret or even ask questions, it was sufficient to spend time in the experience of the colour. Calm, nearly soporific, a feeling of deep space…. Was this the dream-like association referred to in the exhibition text?
Ideas sit, captured in the pages of my sketchbook and circulating in my mind.

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  1. sowertango

    Hi, Chris-sensei, from Japan again. Thanks for your quick response to my comment in Talking the Walk. I have read it today. And continuously I have read your comment in Classic Modern about your experiences with your students in London and Tate Modern (museum?). I could become to understand your deep concern and thoughts of art, Followingly I’d like to check your post, looking at your works your have already arranged in your homepage of It has surely me develop my sense of art and meditation as well as deepen my understanding about western culture with brusing up my English skill.
    By the way could you receive my mail reponded to your Chrismas Card last year?

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    And I have another question. This address is connected to site in which 3 unti-virus sites are integrated. To sign in this site is free or not. Can I exchang freely between these two sites.

    If you don’t mind, could you answer to my question as an experienced person? I’m sorry to bother you. It is OK for me to be answered when you have time.
    Best wishes to you from Japan, too. Moro


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