New Site, New Start

Cloud-Land – acrylic on canvas – 16 x 16in – 2009

This is the new incarnation of my previous website at .  This blog will have updated information on work in progress, exhibitions and so on.

The Pages will contain images and notes on my paintings in Acrylic and Watercolour and on work in other media. Images of the recent Acrylics are now up on that page, including a link to Oriel Tonnau in Pwllheli, North Wales, where they are being exhibited at present. I’m adding to the others as time allows.

Thank you for your patience as I rebuild and evolve the site; if you want to contact me to discuss works, buying a painting, etc, please do this by leaving a comment.  I intend to keep a regular check on this blog.  I may put up an email link soon, which will make this easier.

1 thought on “New Site, New Start

  1. Moro,Yoshihiko

    Dear Chris-sensei
    Hallo,I’m Moro from Japan after long intervals !! How are you ? It is very good that you seems to work continuously and actively about your art . How about your work in school? Are you still working in Wolverhampton??

    About your art work I’ll watch them when I have enough time and I ‘ll leave my reply.

    Well, I really hope that this message will reach you and I’d like to get resopnse especially about your present address.
    May I pray God’s blessings and Guidance for your work and daily life. See you.
    Sincerely Yours from Yoshihiko,Moro


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